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Court Blocks City's Attempt to Evict Occupy Toronto Protestors

Nov 15, 2011
On November 15, 2011 Susan Ursel and Katie Rowen appeared in Superior Court on behalf of the Occupy Toronto protestors in "Batty v. City of Toronto". They sought and obtained an emergency stay to prevent the City of Toronto from forcibly evicting the Occupy Toronto protestors from St. James Park. Ursel and Rowen argued that an important principle and component of the international political protest movement is the encampment, including overnight, of groups of protesters in public spaces. They further argued that the "Occupy" encampment and the activities associated with the encampment are in fact exercises by the protestors of their Charter rights of expression, conscience, assembly and association. On the basis of legal argument, Mr. Justice Brown granted an emergency stay, ordering that full argument be heard on November 18, 2011. Susan and Katie were supported in their work by an excellent team including Samantha Scott, Karen Ensslen, Jennifer Micallef and Sarah Goldbaum. Green & Chercover is proud to support the Occupy movement.

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