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Representing the Writers Guild of Canada

May 14, 2014
Josh Phillips and Karen Ensslen are representing the Writers Guild of Canada in the Supreme Court of Canada on May 14, 2014.  The Supreme Court is being asked to determine the scope of collective bargaining for artists under the federal Status of the Artist Act in the Canadian Artists’ Representation v. National Gallery of Canada appeal.  As interveners, we are arguing that artists’ associations must be permitted to bargain minimum terms and conditions relating to pre-existing works and matters touching on artists’ copyright interests, which are the core interests for screenwriters, visual artists and other artists whose artwork takes the form of copyrighted works.  Supporting the Appellants, the Writers Guild of Canada agrees that the Court of Appeal erred in narrowing the scope of collective bargaining and thereby rolling back protections for artists’ socioeconomic interests that have been in place for decades.

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